How To Impersonate Famous People Cover
How To Impersonate Famous People Cover

How to Impersonate Famous People

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With elegant drawings and simple step-by-step instructions, this comprehensive home-tutor will enable Mr and Mrs Nobody to master the secrets of the superstars. Everyone can, with diligence and practice, follow this book's unique at-a-glance diagrams to acquire the mystique and talent of a multitude of celebrities.
We can all dance like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers; we can all sing like Rod Stewart; bewitch and bother like Carmen Miranda. We can even perform the climactic finale from Star Wars to the delight and admiration of our friends. By purchasing this book, we can finally realise what those other self-help manuals have been aiming for. Stop jogging, eating bran, meditating and doing aerobics - start impersonating famous people!

The Author
Christopher Fowler is a charming, handsome, witty and stylish young writer currently living in Hollywood, California. His hobbies include driving along Sunset Strip playing tropical dance music so loud it makes his ears sweat, smiling winningly at strangers in bars, and playing old Tony Hancock albums whenever it rains.

The Artist
Stuart Buckley is a charming, handsome, witty and stylish young artist currently living near Regents Park, London. His hobbies include decorating his apartment in colours normally found only in discos, and the rest are still being checked out by the legal department.