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Coming Summer 2024
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Foot on the Crown

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Some say a legend is just a beautiful lie...

In the second half of the first millennium, it is said that London disappeared for over four hundred years. We know almost nothing about what happened during that time. But if we could shine a light behind the city's ruined walls, we would be in for a shock.

For here the Romans are long forgotten. It is the beleaguered King Scarabold who now rules the city, together with his over-entitled daughter Giniva, her effete brother Leperdandy and their various lunatic relatives, squabbling and fighting amongst themselves for the future scraps of their corrupted dynasty while trying to hide their most terrible secret.

Opposing Scarabold and his wayward family is a host of bitter enemies – the eerie Sheathwing, Earl of Beetles, the warlike nuns of Étranges Cadeaux, M'Lin the ape, Orobus the serpent, the terrifying Mater Moribund, and the sinister child-spies Spackle and Peut – united in their desire to bring the king’s troubled reign to a bloody end.

Could the arrival of a mysterious outsider seem to offer a semblance of hope for Scarabold’s court? The stranger’s name is Watborn and he is a birdcatcher by trade, strong and silent by demeanour, and he has come to infiltrate the royal family for a purpose that is all his own . . .

As fiendishly-armed warriors gather beneath the city’s walls, the final battle for London – its body and its soul – is about to begin. Who will be left unscathed at the field’s end?