A City Of Darkness Part 1

I’m away from London at the moment, and darting across scorching streets from shadow to shadow, avoiding the blazing continental sunlight. All around me, people are doing what Londoners only dream about – rollerblading, dancing, lounging about in bright light. The guarantee of outdoor light encourages group activities. It’s the light you notice most of […]

Rethinking British Summertime

At this time of the year my neighbour’s kid might still be expected to be shovelling snow. Yesterday he was asleep on his outdoor pool table, soaking up the rays. The Christmas poinsettias are still on the windowsill. Until three weeks ago there were still Christmas lights on the lampposts nearby. And for the last […]

Let’s Talk About The Weather

So said the schoolgirls in ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ when confronted with something more serious, but on George Monbiot’s excellent site there’s a report about how the forecasting of the British weather became politicised after the UK right-wing press began making predictions using a couple of meteorological companies, neither of whom had prediction track records. […]

The English Obsession

‘Let us compromise,’ sang the schoolgirls of The Pirates of Penzance, ‘our hearts are not of leather. Let us shut our eyes, and talk about the weather.’ And boy, the weather has never been more of a topic among the sun-obsessed English. We had a dazzling April, and now we’re having a bizarrely scorching September, […]