Forgotten Authors: The Cult Spreads

I had never intended to produce my ‘Invisible Ink’ columns in the Independent on Sunday as a book, but Mark Pilkington at the superbly offbeat Strange Attractor Press suggested that readers might like a guide of forgotten authors in a single handy little volume. One criticism of the book has been that the entries on […]

How Writers Have To Choose

Yesterday, Amazon was accused by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee of bankrupting booksellers by using corporation tax avoidance schemes that made it impossible for them to compete. This is the latest skirmish in the war; Amazon’s publishing arm is also being challenged by established publishers. Last week the New York Times reported that […]

Miscellany 2: Electrons and Paper

1. First today, the writer’s tools. Okay, Mac Mountain Lion OS installed, and the first reaction is – it’s bloody fast and more intuitive. I like the search engine being built into the URL and smoothness of operation, still don’t get Mission Control, and like the dock-based Reminders, which replaces the need for Stickies (although […]