Let’s Go Out, Darling!

I promise this is positively the last bonkers UKIP story of the year… Apparently I was wrong. UKIP do have another key plank to their manifesto, apart from ‘Aren’t foreigners ghastly?’ In their 2010 manifesto edition they felt it should be made compulsory for people to wear evening dress to the theatre. The Daily Telegraph’s […]

Why Nigel Farage Is Not The Problem

Nigel Farage’s anti-EU party has successfully built on its high scoring in local elections by doubling its seats in the European Parliament, but the far-right swing has built far more violently in other EU countries, especially in France and Greece. Here the grinning ninny who employs his German wife and who can’t articulate any policies […]

10 Things We Need From Europe

I hate UKIP’s Nigel Farage because he considers himself the voice of common sense. He’s the voice of insulated Little England, the small thinker, the man who stays in the Olde Worlde English hotel with a hushed breakfast room serving bad food, the man who’s content to look and behave like a Tesco stock-buyer and […]

Those UKIP Policies In Full

This grinning turnip-faced ninny is the supposedly acceptable far of the new Far Right, who won an unimportant by-election fronted by disgraced criminal Neil Hamilton and his horrendous wife. Since 1991 their only policy has been, basically, ‘Wogs Out’, although they denied they were racist by having Jamaican-born former boxer Winston McKenzie stand in North […]