Trafalgar Square

An End To Climbing The Lions

The lions of Trafalgar Square have been clambered on by generations of children, but today’s kids are rougher, and think nothing of trying to gouge their names into the bronze flanks of Landseer’s beasts with keys and other sharp objects. As a consequence, the metal has been eroded after 140 years from the original thickness […]

The Centre Of London

‘Here we are,’ calls a character in the opening pages of John Wyndham’s ‘Day Of The Triffids’, ‘Piccadilly Circus, hub of the universe!’ What do you think is the centre of London? Eros? St. Paul’s? Leicester Square (God help us). In theory it should be somewhere East because London slowly moved West over the centuries. […]

Finally, A Brilliant Fourth Plinth

Londoners have a habit of deciding for themselves which buildings and artworks they like most. The Gherkin was instantly loved, as were the London Eye and the Wobbly Bridge. I have a feeling they’ll take very strongly to the latest addition, and want to make it permanent. Most artists providing pieces for Trafalgar Square’s fourth […]