Tom tryon

Tom Tryon, Forgotten Author & Alien Sex God

Well, I had eye surgery yesterday; the first step that I hope eventually restores my sight enough to work easily. I’m writing a longer piece on film and London for tomorrow, hopefully, but meanwhile here’s something else from the vaults. Like many old movies, this one has grown more interesting with hindsight. It’s a 50s […]

Can Supernatural Mysteries Ever Play Fair?

In real life, crimes are frightening; they upset and disorient and rob you of faith in your fellow humans. There’s an element of fatality and strangeness and ‘Why me?’-ism that encourages superstitious thinking. We don’t tell ourselves that in say, London, which is nudging 9 million, it’s statistically amazing that there are 90 gun crimes […]

When The Suspense Kills

Ah. There you are. Only I’m not. I’m in Greece, travelling around for a few days, but I have intermittent WiFi on my MacBook Air, which weighs only a fraction more than an iPad and is a proper computer. While I’m here I’ll be working on two new projects outside of the Bryant & May […]

Favourite Thriller Writers: Michael McDowell

Like Tom Tryon, Michael McDowell was always careful to consider his readers. ‘I am a commercial writer and I’m proud of that,’ said the Alabama-born author, ‘I think it is a mistake to try to write for the ages.’ His gothic deep-South novels appeared mainly as paperbacks in the golden age of the throwaway read, […]