Tim Minchin

Serious Music To Amuse

For some peculiar reason the British are very fond of being silly around classical music. This dates back to the artist and musician Gerard Hoffnung (I posted a little about him four years ago). In 1956 Hoffnung mounted the first of his Hoffnung Festivals in London, during which classical music was spoofed for comic effect, with […]

Groundhog Day: Like Before, Only Different

After a short run at The Old Vic, ‘Groundhog Day’ is heading for Broadway – another film made into a play, so what? Well, this one should get your attention because it’s been turned into a rather different form through six years of development by the brilliant Tim Minchin, book by Danny Rubin. I’ve been a […]

Welcome To The Magpie Generation

Where do ideas come from? Last week the Guardian website started a weekly round-up of best commercials (not a new concept; back in the 1970s ‘Newcomers’ used to round up commercials at 9:00am every Monday on ITV) but these Best Commercials are themselves preceded by a commercial, in this case a crappy one for instant […]

When Two Tribes Go To War

Deciding that I’d resisted this for long enough, I thought I’d wander down and try to catch ‘Matilda’ at a matinee (if you’re by yourself you can usually still find a full-price seat even at a sell-out show like this). The Cambridge Theatre was crawling with middle-class children. They were hanging off their booster seats, […]