The Sand Men

Upcoming Launches & Signings

Two for the diary if you’re in London;  there’ll be a signing at Forbidden Planet probably on October 18th – I’ll confirm this in the next few days – for ‘The Sand Men’, and I daresay we’ll be having a few beers after in a nearby pub, probably The Angel – all welcome (I always assume my […]

Sand Storm Coming In!

My thriller ‘The Sand Men’ is heading this way at the start of October from Rebellion Press, and that strange cracking noise is me breaking out of yet another pigeonhole. This time the demographic lines are really blurred. Is it SF? Yes and no; it’s set in the present day but explores themes close to […]

Win The First Personalised Signed Copy Of ‘The Sand Men’

Here’s the pitch: In Dubai there’s a new world of high-end, high-luxury resorts emerging for the super-rich – but at what price to everyone else? Lea, Roy and their 15 year-old daughter Cara live in a gated community reserved for foreign workers. Roy has been hired to deal with teething problems at Dream World, a futuristic […]

The Story Behind The Sand Men

If you care to cast your orbs to the far right of this page, to the bit no-one ever looks at (I assume) you’ll find the first chapter of my next novel posted (hopefully) for your delectation. Those who care for the futurologist Mr JG Ballard may especially enjoy the book, but actually but it’s […]

Here Come The Sand Men…

So, after your kind help, we reached – or rather the publisher’s designers reached – a decision on the cover of ‘The Sand Men’ which was not one of the ones most of us chose! Having said that, I really do like it, as it captures the tone of the book perfectly – somehow looking […]

Here Come The Sand Men

I’m really sorry about this but I seem to have another novel coming out this summer, just as you’re getting over the arrival of ‘The Burning Man’. To be fair, I’d been working on it for three years, and it underwent a massive revision after I got notes from a New York editor who’s a […]