The Krays

Not Crazy About The Krays?

Quite why the Kray twins occupy such a central pillar in the legends of London criminal life is a bit of a mystery these days. Surely whatever residual glamour that was once attached to them has gone? Peter Medak made a very decent movie, ‘The Krays’, which looked as much at the women as the […]

Scotland Yard’s ‘Black Museum’ Of Crime Uncovered

These masks were worn by robbers, and make you realise just how far removed from fantasy real crime was. Once they were housed in what was known as the Black Museum. It comprised two back rooms in Scotland Yard and was filled with the artefacts of violent crime, to be shown only to police officers. […]

The City Of The Krays Is No More

The London of the Kray twins has pretty much gone now. I was reminded of this while watching Peter Medak’s excellent film again last night. It’s official; in terms of property, London is the most expensive city in the world. (Not for the cost of living – that’s Tokyo.) The problem is that it’s pulling […]