The Good Companions

Thud & Blunder In The Theatre

Theatres have a unique place in British history and remain a sacrosanct and vital part of our culture, moreso than in any other country. There are 230 of them in London alone. Old buildings have been repurposed to create new places for fringe productions, but new large theatres also get built. The Other Palace opened […]

Death By Snobbery: The Strange Story of JBP

When I asked if my mother wanted something to read, she instantly requested JB Priestley. ‘The plays?’ I suggested. ‘No,’ she replied, ‘the novels.’ If John Boynton Priestley has undergone something of a rediscovery lately it’s because of his theatre work, but Priestley was known to the older generation for some 26 novels that contained […]

The HBO Of Manchester

I know this site is London-centric, so today let’s broaden the subject matter. Granada Television has often been described as the best television company in the world, with good reason. Founded in 1930 by Sidney Bernstein and his brother Cecil and began serving Manchester and the North West of England in 1954, when it quickly became […]