The Albion

What’s Happening To British Food?

First Great Britain had a brilliant national cuisine utilising all of the colours and flavours of a country with four distinct seasons (and you could eat a swan). Then it was wrecked by two devastating wars and the arrival of bullying supermarkets. Americans teased us about our national food, forgetting that rationing rules shuttered restaurants […]

Great London Pubs No.4: The Albion

The curse of the cupcake afflicts certain affluent areas of London – perfectly respectable pubs and restaurants are turned into frilly creches for the chattering classes. Trendy Canonbury is infested with them. Gone are the flatulent pub dogs and dimpled pint mugs, the kind of pubs where pork scratchings count as a main course, and […]

London Pubs No.9: The Albion

One of the things visitors to London find so odd is that you can be walking through a rough neighbourhood, turn a corner and find yourself in an entirely different one. The villages of London have distinct identities and, thanks to community sites set up online, have become much more individual. Barnsbury stands on the […]