London’s Missing Beach

For over thirty years London had a beach, although I for one would not have wanted to go bathing from it. The Tower of London children’s officially opened on 23 July 1934, after King George V gave his permission for children to ‘have this tidal playground as their own forever’. For many years prior the […]

Corpses & Suicides: Strolling London

It had stopped raining for half an hour so I walked into the West End the other day, and ended up taking a rather circuitous route. I’d started at a friend’s place by Columbia Flower Market, and was on the lookout for unusual things. I knew that London’s smallest statue was in Eastcheap, on the […]

A London Frost Fair

It has been a mild winter here in London and now trees are budding fast, although my father, born on the first of May, always said he was ‘born in a heatwave, christened in a snowstorm.’ So who knows what might happen yet? In the winter of 1815, following an immense freezing fog, the Thames […]

Getting The Horn

What’s going on here then? This is Cuckold’s Point, Rotherhithe, at a sharp bend on the Thames near the church of St Mary and the Angel pub. The name came from a post with a paid of horns on it that marked the starting point of the riotous Horn Fair, a carnival that end from […]