Terry Gilliam

Flop Films Re-Assessed

We got to five on this site last time around: I reviewed very obscure films to the complete disinterest of my readership. Here was I eager to discuss bonkers storylines with anyone who’d listen and you lot were like middle-class housewives at a book club; two minutes of interest followed by a heated discussion about the […]

A Great Eye & A Tin Ear

This is going to be a column about two Terry Gilliam movies; ‘Brazil’ VS ‘The Zero Theorem’. But don’t let the geekiness put you off – I’m trying to make a point about how we experience things. In my old job I saw a lot of films accompanied by artists. After, we’d compare notes. I’d […]

Big Day Out In London

When you’re a tourist to a new city, you tend to cram in a spectacular amount of walking and sightseeing. At the moment London seems to have more tourists than I can ever remember being here at one time. What would it be like to use their busy day-long schedule on a bunch of things […]

The Curse Of Cervantes

Terry Gilliam’s films are like pizza and sex; even when they’re not great, they’re still damned good. The only film of his I’ve actively hated was the defiantly unwatchable ‘Tideland’, and his recent ‘The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus’ was a total joy. Gilliam needs a good writer – he always produces his best work when […]

Ten Reasons To Thank Recent Movies

1. Pixar put a 76 year-old widower in the lead of Up (okay, so he was animated), and defied a number of their licensees, who pulled out because they were fearful of losing youth sales. 2. SF came back! Moon, Triangle, District 9, District 13: Ultimatum and Avatar made it a bumper year. Shame about […]