The Ultimate Reading Experience – Until The Next One

What Devil did Phil Rickman sell his soul to in order to be the only author mentioned on Amazon’s latest Kindle-flogging page? So the Kindle Paperwhite is here, promising the ‘ultimate reading experience’ (next to a book, that is) and the whole format game has just got more complicated. Because the Kindle family is growing, […]

The Key To Faster Writing

The QWERTY keyboard was designed to slow you down. Created for manual typewriters in the 1870s, it stopped the keys from becoming entangled as you typed. My mother’s ancient Remington had keys you had to hit so hard it sounded like someone hammering nails into a wall. Then touch typing was invented, but the QWERTY […]

Cool Stadium Tech

I’m not a huge fan of Coldplay; while some of the ballads are pleasant, their stadium-rock ‘Wave-your-hands-and-go-Wooo-ooo’ songs seem generic to the point of parody – but they know how to give a good show. Seeing them at the Emirates Stadium last night I particularly liked this bit of tech, wristbands in different colours presumably […]

The Planned Obsolescence of Electronics

Everything has its sell-by date – the question is, are those dates planned in? In my writing career I’ve covered the entire arc of electronic devices, from the IBM Golfball Selectric to Amstrad, BBC Wordstar and eventually the intuitive joy that is the Mac. I haven’t used a PC for decades and the closest I’ll […]

More From The Future

Perfectly timed to coincide with the piece below, this press release just came into my inbox from some nerdy TV techs; Supposedly within five years, TV will have changed out of all recognition. Instead of a box in a corner, you’ll have a big matrix of six bezel-less flat-screen TVs combining to form a huge, […]

Friday’s Media Report

Breaking technology news: Sony are no longer to pay for the distribution of 3D glasses to US cinemas, which effectively puts a huge nail in the coffin of 3D for this particular cycle. Early reports on the 3D cinema’s great hope, Spielberg’s ‘Tintin’ is that it has ‘the dead, glassy horror of waxworks come to […]