Strictly Come Dancing

All On The Same Page?

Did I just miss a meeting? Did Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ just come true while I stepped out of the room? Dismayed lately by the fact that many young urbanites now looks, sound and behave exactly the same, I spotted an odd fluff article in the press: The headlines went on about a pair […]

An Admission

Stumbling across this picture in the paper, I thought ‘those children look annoying’ and then was shocked to realise that the still came from ‘The X Factor’, a show I have never seen and only faintly heard of. This is not snobbery, but an admission of failure on my part. An old boss once told […]

Perhaps We Should Make All MPs Do This

Barking Tory (I mean her mental state, not the borough) Ann Widdecombe’s appearance on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ or whatever it’s called is probably the most inept and shameful thing a politician has ever done in public. And here I’m including David ‘Minger’ Mellor’s affair with Antonia De Sanchez, who described his lovemaking technique as ‘like […]

Simply Dismal

Warning; rant coming up. When I was a little boy, there was a programme on (quite late, I think) called ‘Come Dancing’. Is was horrible, and featured cheesy samba couples in ridiculous tight clothes looking like the kind of acts you’d expect to find on a cruise ship full of old people from Florida. It […]