London’s Hidden Histories

‘The Secret History of our Streets’ is the kind of old-school documentary series at which the BBC excels. If you live near any one of the six streets being featured over each hour-long episode, you’ll know how accurate the programme-making is proving to be. At the top of my street is the Caledonian Road, the […]

Unchanged Parts Of London

Walking behind Southwark Cathedral and what’s left of Borough Market, I came upon Thrale Street, which appears to have missed the wrecker’s ball and would be a good place to film a period movie. The area around here is still a Roman Catholic enclave, so there are schools, churches and nurseries amongst the abandoned buildings […]

Favourite London Streets

Time for my annual photo of one of my favourite streets, just a one-minute walk from the heaving throngs (and thongs) of Oxford Street. It always amazes me that there’s never anyone in its park except for the odd copper having a cup of tea and a sarnie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen London […]