Strange Tide

Don’t Call Me Cosy!

On May 19th I’ll be heading to Bristol for the annual Crimefest, where one of the panels should get a bit fighty; it’s about the pros and cons of the so-called ‘Cosy’, a relatively new sub-genre of mystery fiction which sex and violence are downplayed or treated humorously, and the crimes take place in a small, socially intimate community. […]

Author Update: What I’m Writing Next

Well, ‘Strange Tide’ has barely hit the ground (we haven’t had the launch party yet!) and I’m hard at work on ‘Wild Chamber’.  To all those of you who yelled at me for what I did to Arthur Bryant, I hope now all is being forgiven. Of course most readers buy the paperback (although hardback […]

The Old Codgers Are Lurking In London Now

Between now and the official party for ‘Bryant & May: Strange Tide’ I’ll be doing what I usually do – hiding signed copies of the hardback in London’s open spaces. Two dozen signed copies will be left between Piccadilly and the Euston Road over the next few days, partly because it’s great to watch who […]

‘Strange Tide’ Is Out Now!

Bryant & May are back! Although Bryant’s going barmy and May’s out of action, so who will find out why a young woman was chained in the Thames? This is the longest novel in the series so far, and hopefully answers all of your questions, although I’ve been very careful to make sure that ‘Strange […]

My Bumper Spring Of Publications

Due to a slight miscommunication with my publisher it seems that the mass market edition of ‘Bryant & May and the Burning Man’ is appearing on February 25th, just before the hardback arrival of ‘Bryant & May: Strange Tide’, the detectives’ mystery concerning strange deaths on the Thames, and the novel which will solve the […]

Strange Thames

I’m not always able to use up all the research I do on my books – the novels would become dry tomes indeed if they just consisted of wall-to-wall facts (cf. Dorothy L Sayers’ ‘The Nine Taylors, with more info on campanology than anyone could ever want). So a lot gets left out. Next year […]