Stop Me Before I Write Again

The other day it occurred to me that I was blogging too much. I’m definitely spending too much time on the inter webs doing social networky. It has now spread to seven days a week and I have no life. Today, however, I finished a new book – a standalone thriller that I’m really hoping […]

Dumb Shows: How Low Can Theatreland Go?

At some point, theatre seems to have become confused with the circus. When I was a kid, Bertram Mills regularly staged spectacles in the West End, when you could go and watch a man threatening a tiger with a chair. This was separate from theatre, where you went to be moved or made angry by […]

Superman Hits A Million

Action Comic No.1 originally cost 10 cents. That was in 1938. Now a rare pristine copy (one of 100 in existence) has sold for a million dollars to an undisclosed collector, creating a new world record. This is particularly annoying to me, as I used to have Spiderman issues 1 -100 in perfect condition when […]