Spanish films

Re:View – ‘Painless’

NO SPOILERS When everyone else is busy producing sequels and reboots, you can rely on Spain to create genuinely original new genre films. The latest to appear as a subtitled DVD is this, which could be described as a Catalan ‘Devil’s Backbone’ – although it’s not quite in the same league.But if it falls short […]

Re:View – ‘Sleep Tight’

If you’re ever beset with the nagging suspicion that Hollywood has lost its cojones when it comes to nail-biting thrillers, check out Jaume Balaguero’s ‘Mientras Duermes’ (‘Sleep Tight’) and spend the rest of the night awake…it hinges on such a simple idea, I’m staggered no-one has thought of it before. Cesar (beetle-browed Luis Tosar) is […]