South Bank

London Corners: The South Bank

Hardly a corner, and yet in summer the South Bank now holds all sorts of surprises. For years the Thameside area was neglected – it had a power station at one end, in what had long been a dangerously rough neighbourhood, and the walkway passed beneath several dark bridges.  Right into the noughties it was […]

Back To The South Bank

Having rejoined the National Film Theatre after abandoning it about twenty years ago, I went back for the first time last night for part of the Ken Russell season. The South Bank Centre is still a labyrinthine confusion of tunnels, staircases and awkward corridors that kettle audiences through tiny doors, but at least it now […]

London’s One Stop Culture Shop

On Friday night I appeared at a terrific Polari event run by Paul Burston, with six of the most varied writers imaginable, talking about everything from South African weddings to bonkbusters. The room overlooked the London Eye, and had a bar and a bookshop, and what was interesting was that the entire South Bank was […]

Polari @ South Bank

Next Friday you can combine literary pursuits with an evening of live entertainment at Polari at Southbank Centre, when the iconic arts venue is taken over by the Polari gay literary salon, with DJs and live entertainment in an evening for bookworms who like to let loose once in a while. The event takes place […]