Soho Black

Behind The Cover: Soho Black

I’d forgotten that Bryant & May crop up in my black comedy ‘Soho Black’. Of all my books it’s probably the oddest man out. But I wrote it for a specific reason; the story is effectively true. Beneath the puns, jokes, movie references and snappy dialogue lies a more serious intent. If you substitute ‘serious […]

5 Dark Urban Adventures Are Back This Week!

Hurrah! This Thursday sees the e-book release of my five Dark Urban novels, Rune, Red Bride, Disturbia, Psychoville and Soho Black. Designer Martin Butterworth created the beautiful matching covers for all twenty releases. ‘Roofworld’ and ‘Spanky’ are already available. All are priced just £2.99.   Rune Strange suicides occur in the city’s corridors of power. […]

Coming Next Month – Five Of The Best

On the 14th of July new versions of five of my novels – ‘Rune’, ‘Red Bride’, ‘Disturbia’ (no relation to terrible film with same name), ‘Psychoville’ (no relation to excellent TV show with same name) and ‘Soho Black’  – will finally be published as e-books, all with nice low price tags. This is part of […]

Writing Lesson: Killing Your Darlings

An art teacher once gave one of her pupils a consistently brilliant score. One day she left and her star pupil got a new teacher. His scores plummeted. The upset parent sought out the first teacher and asked; ‘Why did my son get better scores under you?’ She replied; ‘I knew when to take his […]

How I Ended Up Producing 23 Books In One Year

            …four of which are BRAND SPANKING NEW! Your friendly neighbourhood author is about to attempt the impossible, and I don’t mean watching an entire episode of ‘Gogglebox’. I’ve been writing up a storm for your delectation, partly because I love challenges and also because I feel that right now I’m […]

Quotes From My Non-Bryant & May Books No.8: ‘Soho Black’

  This novel was my heartfelt response to working in a trivial industry (film media in London’s Soho) at a very specific time and place. My more perspicacious readers also understood that it was a study of mortality, and how one responds to the threat of life slowly ending. The director Stephen Daldry fell in […]