Could You Be Less Specific?

There were a million things I could have done last night – standing in an abandoned biscuit factory in Bermondsey was not high on my list. It was freezing cold. It was pitch black. But we were gathered there to the latest experimental site-specific event by Shunt, the company favoured by the National Theatre to […]

Farewell To The Shunt

Shunt, you have been disorienting the London public with your weird performance art, dances, gigs, bands and cocktails since as far back as, oh, 2009, and now you take off and abandon us? And for what? What are they going to do with the dripping vaults beneath London Bridge, build the usual mix of offices […]

Christmas Under London

Many odd events take place in the cavernous vaults that run beneath London’s raised railway system. The great Victorian brick platforms that carry our trains out to the rest of the country make perfect venues, and if you head down to Bermondsey or Vauxhall after midnight you’ll find queues snaking off into holes in walls. […]