Short story collections

The Short Story’s Shelf Life Comes To An End

You Have To Love Something Enough To Kill It Martin Scorsese said that. It’s how I feel about short fiction, which I love writing. Above are some of the giants who have created complete short story collections. The era of the short story is not quite over – the Sunday Times still offers the biggest […]

Anthologies VS Collections

Readers have asked me about this a number of times, so here’s an answer to a recurring question: Anthologies are not collections. The former are compilations from a variety of authors under the aegis of an editor who (hopefully) makes an intelligent selection, and the latter stem from a single writer. Collections are less popular […]

Frightening Is Coming

After 13 collections of short stories I swore I’d never write another – particularly after my disastrous decision to go with small press for ‘Red Gloves’, a massive double-sided book which look stunning but which never reached bookshops. However, with the approaching arrival of my backlist of 19 books as e-publications it made sense to […]

Collecting Reprinted Stories

Readers always express surprise when they discover a writer has prolific output; it’s as if a good book should take a defined number of years to mature, but this is not the case at all. We each work at our own speed, according to what we can manage. Our normal lives still have to be […]

Anyone Still Reading Short Stories?

I’m on vacation with my Kindle, with around seventy books currently unread on it, and have found that I continue to read a lot of short stories. I’ve always loved them, from the early days of the Pan Books of Horror, and still write new ones whenever someone offers me an interesting commission. Here are […]