Going Up: Would You Live In A High Rise?

In one sense high rises are very egalitarian. The resident in the 16th floor of a council tower block gets the same view as someone in an equivalent floor of the Shard – but JG Ballard’s novel ‘High Rise’ imagined a block divided by its Have and Have-Not residents until a full class war broke […]

Sites For Sore Eyes

Last night, I watched lasers and searchlights shooting out across London’s sky from the top of its newest landmark, the Shard. They’re getting ready for the big launch tonight, to celebrate the completion of the outer structure of Europe’s tallest building. The London Philharmonic Orchestra will entertain guests including the Prime Minister of Qatar and […]

The London Explorer

Once again using the guides of Peter Jackson, who wrote ‘The London Explorer’ and ‘London Is Stranger Than Fiction’ I tried finding more stuff that existed in the 1950s but which is nearly all obliterated now. One thing that’s still there is the iron-gated entrance to St Bride’s Church. The boundary wall once ran along […]