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A London Miscellany

The upside to living in what has now become the world’s most popular city is that new things are opening all the time. In October, Scotland Yard’s so-called ‘Black Museum’ – a phrase they are keen to distance themselves from, except that here at Fowler Towers there are long memories – opens to the public […]

Hidden London: Secret Cinemas

There are more secret cinemas than ever popping up in the capital, but the daddy is still the first, whose motto is ‘Tell No-One’. One now-legendary screening transported punters from Canary Wharf tube station by bus, curtains closed and attended by air hostesses from “Utopia Airways”. A set of Blade Runner’s Chinatown, Los Angeles, November […]

Secret Cinemas

A friend of mine organises private cinema, showing forgotten films and organising one-to-one group discussions afterwards that invoke the Chatham House Rule*. But she’s not the only one currently doing this. As the Independent points out, if you’re looking for a sign that the age of Odeon is over, the current bizarre vogue for tiny […]