Sally Hawkins

Thinking About Film 2: Unreal & Over-Familiar

Stars make love fully dressed and shrug off bullets as if they were mosquito bites One of the problems with present-day entertainment is that Hollywood long ago won a determined and heavily funded cultural war. American lifestyles dominate global TV and film to the point where we hardly see anything else. I’ve watched too many […]

Re:View – ‘Godzilla 3D’

I finally caught up with this on the big (B-I-I-I-I-G) screen in a deserted Toho Cinema on a thunderously rainy night in Tokyo, the perfect place to watch the big guy kick off against the world. Or rather, not against the world buy against two more monsters; Godzilla’s WWF smackdown unfortunately turns the film into […]

Re:View ‘Made In Dagenham’

* * * * The subject seems almost wilfully designed to put audiences off; the story of a British car factory strike in the sixties. Worse, it’s made by the director of ‘Calendar Girls’, probably my least favourite film ever. A pleasure and a surprise to report, then, that ‘Made In Dagenham’ is a winning, […]