Celebrating 20 E-Books: ‘Rune’

It came as a shock to me to open my battered copy of ‘Rune’ and find that the world of Bryant & May was already fully formed in my second novel. The characters are developed (although the idea of Bryant having ‘dinner with a beautiful woman’ is harder to see now) and there’s mention of […]

5 Dark Urban Adventures Are Back This Week!

Hurrah! This Thursday sees the e-book release of my five Dark Urban novels, Rune, Red Bride, Disturbia, Psychoville and Soho Black. Designer Martin Butterworth created the beautiful matching covers for all twenty releases. ‘Roofworld’ and ‘Spanky’ are already available. All are priced just £2.99.   Rune Strange suicides occur in the city’s corridors of power. […]

Coming Next Month – Five Of The Best

On the 14th of July new versions of five of my novels – ‘Rune’, ‘Red Bride’, ‘Disturbia’ (no relation to terrible film with same name), ‘Psychoville’ (no relation to excellent TV show with same name) and ‘Soho Black’  – will finally be published as e-books, all with nice low price tags. This is part of […]

Ahead Of My Time (Again!)

Here’s the cover of an early novel I wrote, in which Landseer’s lions in Trafalgar Square spring to life: And here’s a still from ‘Night At The Museum 3’, due out at Christmas, in which Landseer’s lions er, come to life. Dang, I knew I was peaking too early!  

Quotes From My Non Bryant & May Books No.2:

  This is the from the very first appearance of Bryant & May, long before I thought of giving them a series. They turned up in my second novel, ‘Rune’, and were pretty much fully formed from the start, as you can see here. ‘You can’t possible be serious about retiring, Arthur. Can you honestly […]

Bryant & May And Sod’s Law

Tourism figures are not adjusted according to the size of the country visited, but even so I was surprised by the findings from last year. Topping the list is still France, followed by the US and China, Spain, Italy, Turkey, then the UK and Germany (!). Rather than massively increasing tourism, the Olympics actually put a […]