Rosemary’s Baby

Hallowe’en Special: Show Us The Horror!

This Hallowe’en, the London Times listed the novelist Kate Mosse’s personal choice of the best ghost stories. Her selection feels depressingly dated and painfully over-familiar; ‘The Signalman’, ‘The Turn of the Screw’, ‘The Woman In Black’, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ etc. Of course she is entirely free to choose what she likes, but it does […]

Is There Another Way To Create A Heroine?

They’re known as WIP films, and have been around as long as cinema. I suppose my favourite Women In Peril films would include ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, ‘Link’, ‘Wait Until Dark’, ‘The Hidden Face’, ‘Suspiria’, ‘Julia’s Eyes’, ‘Panic Room’, ‘The Hidden Face’ and ‘Penumbra’, but there are many others. One could even describe ‘Aliens’ as a WIP […]

When Is It Plagiarism, When Is It Homage?

It’s a question that vexed me recently in these columns when we talked about the new TV series ‘Penny Dreadful’ and the very similar books of Kim Newman which long-preceded the series. All artists learn from one another and develop new strands out of the art they admire, others see a commercial main chance to […]