Rory Kinnear

Review: ‘Years And Years’ Full Series

It’s as subtle as a chucked brick but somebody needed to say this out loud, not give us another analogy. Russell T Davies is, of course, A Good Thing. He’s been a driving force for clever, touching TV drama for so long that he’s become a national treasure, but don’t think he’s gone soft. His […]

Why You Can’t Bugger Up Hamlet

How many ways can you perform it? And why does it periodically take such a grip on Britain? The furore over Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet grew to fever pitch this summer, ‘To Be Or Not To Be’ shunted to the front of the play, then back, and tickets changing hands for absurd amounts. ‘Cumberbitches’, for God’s […]

Re:View – Hamlet @ The National Theatre

As a white Christmas looms in London, it was my Christmas treat to myself to see Rory Kinnear tackle Hamlet in a lengthy amalgam text that brought the play to just under 3 3/4 hours. The National’s pricing policy guarantees affordability, younger and more ethnically audiences, which suited this highly acclaimed production, set in a […]