Red Gloves

Lovely Gloves!

I’ve now got my first hardback copies of Red Gloves in, and I think I’m right in saying that we sold out in Brighton. But there are more on the way… Very proud to have such a nice-looking volume out. I love writing short stories – these constitute volumes 11 & 12 – and I’ll […]

Red Gloves Now Has An Added Extra

I’ve just found out that my limited edition slipcased box set of 25 new short stories will come with an added extra – two full colour illustrated frontispieces. Looks like the publishers are just going to keep chucking good stuff in!

Gloves On!

Yowza! Thank you PS Publishing! The ARC of ‘Red Gloves’ is here, with 25 new stories, with two special Bryant & May stories and two introductions. And at over 400 pages I have to say it’s a real whopper! There will be 100 signed and numbered slipcased hard-cover collectors’ items at £49.99/ $80.00, and 500 […]

Red Gloves Nears Completion

Acclaimed artist Graham Humphries hasnow finished two beautiful covers for the Red Gloves collection, which will contain two volumes of short stories – one for English tales and one for world tales. Also included are an essay on the events that were happening while I wrote the tales, and two Bryant & May short stories. […]

Detective Pop-Ups

A number of readers have suggested I should do stories on the earlier Bryant & May. Well, here’s a clue about the first. This colour photograph of London was taken in the great smog of 1952, and it’s where a Bryant & May short story is set. My two new volumes of short stories are […]

Mad Magazine

I was surprised to find the cover of my old graphic novel (sorry, comic) with artist John Bolton online, where it’s still being bought and sold. The rather odd choice of romance, adventure and mental illness came about because John wasn’t keen on drawing lots of complicated backgrounds, so I came up with a kind […]