PS Publishing

Red Gloves Now Has An Added Extra

I’ve just found out that my limited edition slipcased box set of 25 new short stories will come with an added extra – two full colour illustrated frontispieces. Looks like the publishers are just going to keep chucking good stuff in!

How To Buy Your New Gloves

I’ve had gratifyingly high number of inquiries about how to buy my new double collection ‘Red Gloves’, which will appear very shortly. Because it’s a limited edition, once the first edition’s run has ended, it’s gone for good. So in response, here’s Nicky Crowther from PS Publishing to answer your questions. ‘In the week beginning […]

Detective Pop-Ups

A number of readers have suggested I should do stories on the earlier Bryant & May. Well, here’s a clue about the first. This colour photograph of London was taken in the great smog of 1952, and it’s where a Bryant & May short story is set. My two new volumes of short stories are […]

What The Writer Did Next

I was always amused when, interviewing media studies graduates, I had this conversation (regularly) ME: What exactly do you want to do? THEM: I’d like to be in films. ME: Yes, but doing what? THEM: Oh, I don’t really mind. Which is a bit like saying you don’t mind whether you’re a charity worker or […]