Another Christopher Fowler Gets Banged Up

Google Alerts continues to inform me of the whereabouts of my namesakes, but for some weird reason all the Christopher Fowlers in America seem to be in county jails. Here’s the latest. I don’t know what he did, but he definitely looks guilty. Incredibly so. I picture him heading out into the desert at night, […]

Nothing In Common

I’m signed to Google Alerts, which helps me to pick up reviews I might have missed on blogs. I usually read them and offer comments or help to reviewers. But I also get copied in on other Christopher Fowlers, and have lately noticed that while quite a few of the European ones are scientists, most […]

Go Directly To Jail, Eat Dinner

Wild mushrooms en croute, guinea fowl, quince jelly. The Clink restaurant at HMP High Down in Sutton, Surrey is a gourmet restaurant at the centre of a prison for 1,100 criminals where the prisoners themselves cook and serve food. The Clink is not on the outside of the prison, but bang in the middle of […]