Prince of Persia

Goodbye To The Blockbuster

Jaws, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Spider-Man, Transformers, Mission Impossible. For the past three decades the Hollywood blockbusters have rolled up at the height of summer, the tentpole releases that drive families from hot streets into cold cinemas. But now there are strong indictions that the time of the Hollywood blockbuster is over. The action-packed […]

Re:View – ‘Prince Of Persia – The Sands Of Time

You know you’re in trouble when Ben Kingsley, all kohl-blacked eyes and vizir robes, appears as the oleaginous king’s advisor with ‘Villain’ virtually tattooed on his forehead. We’re in Persia, not the real Persia of the Ottoman empire but a videogame-derived Kismet-land of vague Middle-Easterness, which means minarets, sand, snakes and temples of the sub-Indiana […]