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Taking A Stroll Around The Estate

Tonight I am trying to work out a very deranged plot for a novel that could run as another thriller in the style of ‘Hell Train’, and tend to blast videos around the corners of my screen, including this one by Wretch 32, which makes the once-notorious Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham, North London look […]

Let’s Talk About The Henge

This was recommended to me by my neighbour, film director and ace trumpet player Mike Figgis, who shares my silly sense of musical humour. Warning; the song will stay in your brain and do damage. It’s all about the henge.

Shouldn’t He Get The Bond Title Number?

I thought I’d posted this before but I can’t find it on the site. Well, the new Bond film has a title – ‘Skyfall’, which doesn’t sound remotely Fleming-like – so I thought we should have the rather wonderful David McAlmont singing ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ with Bond composer David Arnold, who has a nice line […]