The Saturday Song

It’s been a week of such depressing news that I can’t even refer to the weather as glorious because it’s part of the global emergency. So let’s have a song from Pogo that will make you feel warm inside. (That’s Pogo’s logo.) Part of the fun with Pogo is guessing all the movie samples. This […]


I’ve championed Pogo here often for his brilliant blends of cinema and sound, scratch-cut into mash-ups that create new music, a form of creative recycling that’s genuinely innovative. But there are many other types of genre-blending that can be found on online sites, and they’re moving in on the mainstream. DJ Zebra is a French […]

Do You Want Mash With That?

One of the most intriguing musical art-forms to emerge through online creativity has been the mashup – it’s been with us for the best part of a decade and yet it still manages to surprise me when it works well. I’ve long been a fan of DJs like Zebra, Pogo and Armin Van Buuren (who […]

The Arts & The Internet

I’ve long thought that true creativity is not just about originality; it’s about making connections that others don’t notice. When we were kids it was hard to draw these invisible lines between people and places, objects and ideas. Very rarely someone sprang out of nowhere, fully formed – Mozart, Dickens, Van Gogh – but most […]

Helping The Medicine Go Down

He’s been at her again. Pogo, the Australian drum-n-bass sampling DJ, is having another pop at Mary Poppins. Seems like it’s the big year for PL Travers’ most beloved creation, but if Pamela hated the penguins, God knows what she’d have made of Pogo’s sound-attack on the film. It’s a nice addition to his MP […]

What’s In The Mix?

Oz mash-up genius does it again with ‘Lead Breakfast’, mixed from – wait for it – dialogue samples of Pulp Fiction overlaid on ‘Who Will Buy’ from Oliver! played backwards – obviously. The man is a genius. Over and out.

How America Lost A Visitor

Not just any visitor, mind – this was the Australian DJ/VJ Pogo, who has appeared on this site several times, and has successfully toured the US in the past. Pogo is no stranger to hassles. His genius mash-ups of old Disney songs landed him in hot water with the litigious mouse, who promptly tried to […]

Soundtracking 3: Remixed

Pogo, the Perth remixer, was around when I first started this site. I remember stumbling across his ‘Alice In Wonderland’ remix (still on this site somewhere, maybe in the hall cupboard or under a sofa cushion) and being utterly entranced. Few people who do this sort of thing manage to pull it off. For a […]