PG Wodehouse

What Is It About Wodehouse?

Time and again I’m drawn back to PG Wodehouse when I feel a little low. In that spirit, this column is an amalgam of previous articles together with new observations on an eternally amusing author. ‘Isn’t it all just upper class stuff?’ asked a friend. ‘Who needs that now?’ No, it’s not, I told him. […]

Should You Put Comedy In Your Drama?

Publishers see writers’ work falling into distinct categories. Unfortunately real life isn’t subdivided into genres, so we create false constructs – drama, comedy, romance, horror.  The recent Channel 4 police series ‘Babylon’ only found its feet once it had decided whether it was funny or serious. It was billed as a comedy about the police […]

The Wonder Of Wodehouse

If a book can make you snort coffee out of your nose in Starbucks, I’d say it was a pretty funny one. Starbucks coffee is quite horrible, and the thought of it coursing down your nasal passages is a less than pleasant prospect. But if I had to pick the funniest writer in the world, […]

Dying Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard

There’s been a lot of talk recently about awards going to books with comedy elements. The Booker, always famously po-faced about its selections, is lightening up – so is comedy finally to be accepted as a valid artistic tool? I’m a proud past winner of the Last Laugh award for the year’s best comedy crime […]