Peter Sellars

The Bond Track Nobody Heard

While we’re talking about quirky soundtracks (oh, sorry, weren’t we?) the late sixties produced a lot of soundtracks with sung title themes, many of them extremely memorable and catchy earworms. First, here’s an audio Q&A of a song featuring Peter Sellars and The Hollies (does anyone remember them?) from the comedy caper ‘After The Fox’, […]

The Link Between Bram Stoker, Henry James & Enid Blyton

It’s time to rediscover more parts of London I’ve forgotten; Some north London towns have changed very little because they’re awkward to reach by public transport, like Crouch End, Stoke Newington and Muswell Hill, where the land was too hilly for underground trains. But there’s a good change that if you live there, or in […]