Oxford Street

Why Oxford Street Is Doomed

Before Covid, the UK had 30% more shops than it needed. London’s Oxford Street is, I suppose, still one of the world’s most famous shopping streets. It was once filled with luxurious department stores housed in grand buildings visited by all, but economic downturns, the end of emporia like Bourne & Hollingsworth and Marshall & […]

Some People Are Barmy – Get Over It

Every day on my way to work I had to pass the Protein Man, Stanley Green. Remember him? He used to walk up and down London’s Oxford Street booming out in a sonorous voice ‘Buy my book’, and carried a sign proclaiming the dangers of proteins, saying that they caused lust. His solution was “protein […]

Lit Up In London

Forgive these shots, taken on the hoof with my phone, but they illustrate the power of lighting, something I was thinking about as I tromped back from the studio, where I’d been ensconced with The Big Star (all to be revealed in July) and watched the low but fierce winter sun spotlight buildings I had […]

The 12 London Nights Of Christmas

The problem at this time of the year is how to survive London’s social scene without flagging. The Happiness Project London lists 99 awesome things about the capital here, Time Out lists another 100 this week and these lists aren’t remotely exhaustive, so you have to ration yourself. One trick is to make Saturday night […]