Oscar Wilde

The Contrary View: Wilde Deserved His Fate

‘They drove poor Oscar to his grave,’ The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon sings on his album, ‘Absent Friends’, echoing the revised opinion that had transformed Oscar Wilde from ‘reviled pervert’ to ‘martyred genius’. As various anniversaries arrived, the genius of Oscar was commemorated with great style and occasional crassness. Reformed public opinion was well under […]

London: More To Discover?

I’ve always joked that London is an onion; break through one layer and there’s another beneath, and another. It’s provided a rich seam for me with the Bryant & May books, but also with other volumes from ‘Soho Black’ to ‘Disturbia’. One of the problems you face when researching London is that books are not […]

How A School Stopped The Bullying

I was intrigued to read today about how one London school has ended the problem of homophobic bullying – something which has led to an increase in suicides around the world. Over the last five years, Stoke Newington Secondary School brought bullying to a standstill by teaching its classes about the wartime code-breaker and father […]