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Why Are US Newspapers Better Than Ours?

A writer at the Daily Mail once told me about her dream story for the paper; one that upsets and angers the reader in equal measure. The Mail is massively successful, selling an average of 1.5 million copies on weekdays, 2.4 million on Saturdays. Only the Sun sells more. Its readers include more from the top […]

US Scribes Thrash UK Hacks Shock!

When I was a teenager I decided I wanted to be a journalist. As luck would have it, I knew a couple who worked on the Mirror and the Mail (when it was a broadsheet), but they warned that the face of British journalism was about to change. The era of hot-type was coming to […]

Thank You America!

‘Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart’ is getting some terrific reviews in the US, including this one from the New York Times’s estimable Janet Maslin. I’m thrilled…oh, and that’s the American cover, and yes, it’s tangerine. (There was an earlier one in mauve) BRYANT & MAY AND THE BLEEDING HEART By Christopher Fowler 383 […]

Let The Sun Set. Let’s Have The New York Times Instead.

With Rupert Murdoch in town to clean out the Augean stables of News International, the general theory is that he’ll leave the Sun newspaper twisting in the wind and concentrate on overseas arms. And why not? Choice isn’t everything. The UK may have eleven or twelve national newspapers but it now lacks a single newspaper […]

Why I Love The New York Times

Who else would bother to do this? I mean, really? (Click to enlarge) Via Geekosystem.