National Liberal Club

Central London’s Last Quiet Neighbourhood

  After my Halloween reading at the National Liberal Club, we took a stroll in the only remaining  part of Central London that’s truly under-visited. Mist had rolled in from the river and it was drizzling softly, creating aureoles of light around the street lamps. There were no cars and hardly any people, and it […]

Ghost Stories In A Grand Setting

Next Wednesday I’ll be reading something to give you the creeps – surprisingly not my bank statement after my recent Japan jaunt but a new ghost story for Halloween (let’s drop that apostrophe for once and for all, shall me?). The National Liberal Club is in Westminster, 5 mins from Trafalgar Square, and is one […]

London Corners – Clubland

Are there still such things as clubbable men? Indeed there are. Despite the proliferation of reinvented private clubs that chuck out the chintz in favour of pounding beats, the traditional old clubs of London do still exist. Yesterday I gave a luncheon talk at the Authors’ Club, now happily returned to the National Liberal Club […]