Mike Jay

Absolutely Mental

Autumn in Britain is the best time to nourish the mind, and kicking off this month is another terrific exhibition at the Wellcome Collection on Euston Road in London. The subject is Bedlam, and through the study of this institution in its three incarnations and asylums like it, uncovering the history of madness. The Wellcome […]


Here’s a real mystery; Sir Bernard Lovell, the visionary scientist who became the founder of the Jodrell Bank observatory, did more than give us a brilliant bit of rhyming slang. He believed that during a trip to the Soviet Union in the early 1960s the Communist authorities tried to kill him with lethal radiation because […]

Re:View – High Society Exhibition

The Wellcome Exhibition provides a relatively small space, but co-curator Mike Jay has done a clever thing with the new show, High Society: Mind-Altering Drugs In History & Culture. By subdividing the room into topic areas he’s able to give a broad overview of the subject but has also made it a curiously discombobulating experience. […]

Blessed Are The Listmakers

…for they shall appear in January newspapers. In that spirit, here are a few things I liked from last year. Films With The Words ‘District’ Or ‘Nine’ In District 9 District 13: Ultimatum Nine Horror/ Fantasy Films Let The Right One In Franklyn Triangle Zombieland Orphan (for that twist) Moon The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus […]