Michael Nyman

The Top Soundtracks

Earlier this year, the soundtrack composer James Horner was killed in a plane crash, and we lost one of Hollywood’s finest composers working. I always play soundtrack music as I write, and his scores often feature in my daily playlist. The top soundtracks get voted on by the public every year. This year the top […]

The Night It All Went A Bit Right

The Proms at the Royal Albert Hall has always been dominated by popular classical music, with intriguing sidebars of esoteric and eclectic pieces. Barring the ghastly flag-waving farrago of the Last Night, the selection is broadly sedate, pleasurable and not unlike listening to those albums of ‘British Light Classical’. This year was no different to […]

My Unhealthy Obsession With Film Music

It’s out of control now. I can’t help myself. I’ve always played film music while I write, but recent developments have forced me to take stronger measures than ever before, like an addict moving up to crack. I’d always had it under control. Okay, my soundtrack collection, which began when I was, oh, 10 years […]

Making A Splash

I’ve written about Michael Nyman many times here in the past, but don’t think I’ve posted his music for the Masque from Greenaway’s version of ‘The Tempest’ before. Following this is an exhausting piece from a wonderful short film he scored called ‘Making A Splash’. I have it on a Japanese DVD and should really […]

Big Day Out In London

When you’re a tourist to a new city, you tend to cram in a spectacular amount of walking and sightseeing. At the moment London seems to have more tourists than I can ever remember being here at one time. What would it be like to use their busy day-long schedule on a bunch of things […]

My Favourite Londoner

This is a piece I wrote for Time Out London which ran in the back of the magazine a while ago, and I think what I wrote still stands. One thing I would have added (but didn’t because of length) was the issue of faith. Nyman’s Jewish heritage has informed of his several major works […]

The Missing Single

I’ve posted before about an album called ‘The Glare’ (the title refers to the media’s glare) by Michael Nyman and David McAlmont, in which the singer provides a songline over the music of Nyman’s compositions, and you can find a track from it on this site called ‘Take The Money And Run’. But even if […]