Maxim Jakubowski

The Complete Short Stories – Update

When I wrote 25 new stories to celebrate a quarter century of writing such tales, I called the resulting double volume Red Gloves Volumes 1 and 2. They were divided into London tales and world tales. Hardly anyone saw the books because they were printed in the small press, but PS Publishing created editions that were very beautiful. […]

The Short Story Gets New Life

With the rise of the Kindle and the iPad, a new breed of publisher is making short stories available for the price of a chocolate bar. The credit crunch is forcing publishers to think of new ways to reach the reading public, and one that’s appearing in a number of new forms is the short […]

The Sounds Of Crime

Audio books, aren’t they versions of paper books? Not any more, because legendary crime editor Maxim Jakubowski has created ‘The Sounds Of Crime’ an anthology specifically designed to exploit the audio possibilities of crime, and it’s available only in audio form. I’m there with a new story, along with Lawrence Block, Mark Billingham, Peter James […]