Maura McHugh

The Campaign For Real Fear Gathers Pace

The World Horror Convention was a great place to spread the word about the campaign that Maura McHugh and I have set up to increase the diversity and range of modern horror stories. Now the Guardian newspaper is helping to encourage writers to put digit to keyboard in this article. We’ve had some truly tough-to-beat […]

Campaign For Real Fear Update

We’re well into the campaign now, and have almost half of our favourite 500 word epics chosen for publication – although if there’s a sudden burst of hot entries, we may have to revise the list. Just to recap, Andy Cox at horror magazine Black Static and Simon Taylor at Action Audio have both pledged […]

Horror For The Boys 2: The Campaign For Real Fear

Our nascent horror movement is beginning to grow, as the press is now starting to pick up on the issue of horror’s narrow focus of young white males thanks to the efforts of writer Maura McHugh, whose blog can be found here. We’re hoping to change the outmoded habits of the past, aiming for some […]