Mary Poppins

Films Which Have Really Peculiar Moments In Them – No.2

Everybody remembers ‘A Spoonful Of Sugar’ from ‘Mary Poppins’, but it also has a song about investment opportunities and banking foreclosures sung by Dick Van Dyke disguised as an old man, which somebody must have thought was a good idea to drop into the film at the exact point where its climax should have been. […]

The London Of ‘Paddington’

I didn’t grow up with Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear stories, and being largely immune to the appeal of sugar-rush candy-coloured ADD-afflicted children’s films, I tend to give kids’ fare a swerve. I’d also struggled with director Paul King’s previous fantastical film, ‘Bunny and the Bull’, which presented London as a cut-and-paste Blue Peter model of cardboard and […]

Soundtracking 3: Remixed

Pogo, the Perth remixer, was around when I first started this site. I remember stumbling across his ‘Alice In Wonderland’ remix (still on this site somewhere, maybe in the hall cupboard or under a sofa cushion) and being utterly entranced. Few people who do this sort of thing manage to pull it off. For a […]