Martin Scorsese

Re:View – ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’

Ironically, what may ultimately kill Martin Scorsese’s best film in years is bad timing; is the world ready for a movie in which the excessive lifestyle of a criminal banker is regarded with grudging admiration? Leonardo DiCaprio has already been forced into a position of defence after preview audiences took the nearly three-hour fable at face […]

The Return Of The Blimp

Martin Scorsese has recently been in London promoting his wonderful film ‘Hugo’ (see review on this site) and introducing another restored Powell & Pressburger film, ‘The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp’. Powell & Pressburger’s films are impossible to define – each one is unique and special, and fits no clear demographic. ‘The Red Shoes’ […]

The Cheats’ Guide To Crime Movies

There comes a moment in ‘The Dark Knight’ when you realise you’ve been tricked into watching a different film. Batman has been given an impossible choice by the Joker. He can save the woman he loves, or the man who is Gotham’s only future hope. Suddenly you realise this isn’t a superhero movie at all, […]