Mad Max: Fury Road

Best & Worst Films Of 2015

At the birth of film there were stories about great achievers, from Nelson to Washington. Last week I watched a film about a woman who invents a mop and manages to sell it on QVC. Not exactly Scott of the Antarctic.  Joy is directed by David O Russell and stars Jennifer Lawrence. The performances are nice, but […]

What Makes A Perfect Al Fresco Movie?

It’s summer and rooftop/park/lido cinema is here, sometimes great, often not (depending on sound quality, the weather and the fee – Secret Cinema, this means you) but I’ve noticed something interesting. Certain films crop up again and again for outoor screens. This year the one that has made almost every list is ‘Whiplash’, the drumming-as-torture […]

Getting The End Of The World Right

Post-apocalypse films, eh? Bit of a hiding to nothing, the end of the world, isn’t it? The collapse of civilisation, fighting for food, desert wastelands, lost cities, all life wiped out except a small band of bickering survivors – I nearly topped myself after ‘The Road’ and haven’t been able to watch ‘The Walking Dead’ […]