Luis Bunuel

Born To Be Surreal

I’ve just visited the so-called ‘Dali Triangle’, including his wife’s castle-home in Pubol and his monument to surrealism in Figueres, and it has changed my opinion of the artist. Many wrote off Salvador Dali because of his unabashed commercialism, his bad-boy antics and his clown-prince behaviour. It’s an easy mistake to make, but a mistake […]

Re:View – ‘Holy Motors’

Cinema once had a fine history of surrealism, from Luis Bunuel’s entire output to Charlie Kaufman’s brilliant ‘Synechdoche New York’, the genius work that I’m still staggered was ever funded. Bunuel, of course, was friends with Salvador Dali – if you haven’t read his biography, ‘My Last Breath’ you really should, or at least watch […]